HMRC are clamping down

Enquiries by HMRC into tax affairs doubled last year. High profile cases have been in the media recently (Gary Barlow et al) but it’s not just an issue for the rich and famous. It could be you next.

Perhaps your sector is being targeted en mass, something in your return raises suspicion, or you may just be selected at random for an enquiry.

If it does happen to you, dealing with the enquiry can be stressful and expensive. Responding to requests for information, providing access to records, attending meetings, etc.

In most cases an Accountant is required to help deal with the burden. Indeed they should ‘fight your corner’ when it comes to an unfair demand for tax. Of course this comes at a cost, which can spiral should the enquiry drag on for a long period.

It’s possible though to protect yourself against paying those fees by taking advantage of insurance backed schemes, such as our Tax Investigation Service. It costs relatively little and is available to individuals and businesses.

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