Cloud accounting made simple

We are increasingly living our lives online: banking, social life, shopping, the list goes on. If you run a business it makes a lot of sense to get your accounting online too (it’s predicted that in 5 years we’ll all be running our businesses this way).

Cloud accounting can be defined as the use of the Internet for the accounting tasks you usually perform on your computer (the ‘cloud’ represents the Internet). The benefits speak for themselves:

  • Access from anywhere: flexible working for you / staff, check the finances wherever you are.
  • Access from any device: use your smartphone to raise invoices and get paid quicker.
  • No software to buy: save money, no more updates, reduced hassle.
  • Collaboration: as your accountant we can log in anytime and help you with your accounting.
  • Safe & secure: no more worries about fire / flood / theft risk, or data breaches.

So join the revolution – contact the cloud accounting experts, MyTax, today for a free demo.